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List Of 449 Government Schemes With Nehru Gandhi Names

It can happen only in India.

Idolizing and naming places after political Leaders, from Hair Dresser to Airports.

Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi

449 schemes are named after Nehru Gandhi Family.From L ti R Cabinet Secretary,Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi Image Credit NDTV

It does not matter whether the leader in alive or Dead.

In Tamil Nadu , one will find the statues of EVR Annadurai, MGR most prominently.

You will find…

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With an Electoral population of 831 Millions, Eletions for The central Government is being conducted in States and Union Territories for 543 Lok Sabha

(Federal Government seats) seats. ( between 7April and 12 May 2014).

(This is an article I wrote for a French Magazine, taking into account the International Audience)

The Cost to the Election Commission which regulates and conducted Elections…

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Diseases Details Explanation Video Tutorials

As more diseases are discovered(?), the treatment becomes more Complex.

So are the disciplines of Medicine,

Medical Science has the vicarious pleasure using high-sounding names even for simple Diseases,one gets scared on hearing the names.

As Medicine gets more specialized, the total picture of the body is often lost, with some of the doctors, not sure enough about other parts of the body…

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ரிக் வேதத்தில் விஷ்ணு பல இடங்களில் துதிக்கப்படுகிறார் .

ஆனால் முழுமையாக ஐந்து ஆறு துதிகள் மட்டும் முழமையாக கிடைக்கப் பெற்றுள்ளன .

அவற்றின் தொகுப்பே இப்போது நாம் துதிக்கப் பயன் படுத்தும் விஷ்ணு ஸூக்தம் .

Vishnu , one among the Trinity of Hinduism


ஓம் விஷ்ணோர்னுகம்’ வீர்யா’ணி ப்ரவோ’சம் யஃ பார்தி’வானி விமமே ராஜாக்ம்’ஸி யோ அஸ்க’பாயதுத்த’ரக்‍ம் ஸதஸ்தம்’ விசக்ரமாணஸ்த்ரேதோரு’காயோ .

ய : -எவர் ,யார் ,

பார்த்திவானி ரஜாம்சி…

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On Robert Vadra, Allegations Verified

There are lots of information on Robert Vadra and I have posted an article on Robert Vadra’s 2.3 Billions, Pakistani origin, Full Story.

There is a reply by Robert Vadra, of course, denying all.

What exactly is the position?

This is an alleged list of Robert Vadra's Comapanies

AllegedList of Robert Vadra’s Companies

Robert Vadra's Dubious deals,

Questions for Robt Vadra

Hoax Slayer analyses.

Allegations and analysis.

Robert Vadra, along with his mother Maureen…

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Molecular Biology Cancer Treatment In Hinduism Vedas

“In the great teaching of the Vedas,
there is no touch of sectarianism.
It is of all ages, climes and nationalities
and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. “

- Thoreau,
American Thinker

Vedic Chemistry

Chemistry in Vedic Times

Vedas, the authority for Hinduism  speaks of Science as Para Vidya, Transitory Knowledge, which deals with this world of Name and Forms.

It speaks of…

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Nehru Provoked Sino- Indian War 1962

It is always easy and rewarding to accept statements of our leaders and be complimented as Patriotic and if you question the words or the lives of these people, you had it,

I published an article stating that there are numerous references , documents and articles on the Nehru Family.

On Nehru being born in a Brothel,his father Motilal Nehru running it,

On Sonia Gandhi‘s Profile,Her…

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Jawaharlal Nehru Was Born Ina Brothel?

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in a brothel,Motilal Nehru ran one.

Nehru’s memorial is not where he was born , because it was a brothel.

Jawaharlal Nehru had two step bothers.

nehru had an affair with Edwina Mountbatten

Nehru with Edwina Mount batten

“MOTILAL had also two bastard sons out of Muslim women by name SHEIKABDULLA &SYUD HUSSAIN “

These are some of the information doing the rounds in the Internet.

But what is curious is…

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Microbiology Darwinism In Ancient Hindu Texts Vedas

Ancient Vedic Indians, during the Vedic period have developed advanced knowledge in Microbiology.

Biology and Surgery were developed and practiced.

They knew the classification of Species.

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution , Survival of the Fittest was expressed.

Microbiology in The Vedas

Vedic Microbiology. Image credit Chakradhar

An Santi Parva of Mahabharata,Section XV Arjuna speaks of the world of…

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Indian Oil Company Balance Sheet, Where Is The Loss

Petrol and Diesel Prices keep on going  up on a regular basis, citing  the rise in International Crude prices.

For a common man like me, who does not know the intricacies book fudging,the figures of Indian Oil Company Limited tell me they are not incurring Loss.

Would like to remain corrected.


The Balance Sheet of IOC 2011

IOC Balance Sheet 2011

Balance Sheet 2013.

Balance Sheet of Indian Oil Corporation ——…

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