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Sage Kasyapa had a wife Dhanu.

They had a son named Dundhu.


Dundhu was granted the boon of  remaining Deathless by Indra, who was happy with Dundhu’s penance.

Dhundhu attacked Indra to capture Indra Loka and Indra, along with the Devas ,rushed to Brahma Loka, the Abode of Brahma.

On being advised that he needed the help of Sukracharya, the Asura Guru, Dundhu obtained Sukracharya’s help.

Sukracharya advised Dhundu to perform 100 Aswamedha Yagas.

Dhundhu started performing the Yaga.

Scared Devas, catching the whiff of the Homa Smoke, rushed to Vishnu seeking  refuge in Him.

Vishnu in took the form of  Vamana (Midget) and pretended to commit suicide near the place where the Yaga was being conducted.

The Brahmins who were conducting the Yaga,  saved the Brahmin boy Vamana  and asked him the reason for his attempted suicide.

Vamana(Vishnu) told them that he was the second son of Prabasa.

After the death of Prabasa, Vamana added that his brother Nethrabasa refused to give him  his share of the property saying that Midgets,Physically disabled and Eunuchs were not  entitled to property Rights.

So , Vamana said that he wanted to commit suicide.

The Brahmins requested Dhundu to provide help to Vamana.

Dhundu informed Vamana that he would give whatever Vamana wanted.

Vamana replied that he was not greedy and wanted only land equivalent to his three steps.

Dhundu agreed.

Vamana grew in size, measured the Earthh with one step, Heavens by the second.

Angered that he did not have a place to place his third step, he fell on Dhundu .

Unable to bear Vamana’s weight, Dhundu fell on the ground and Vishnu buried him in the sand and built a Grave.

This, Vamana Purana , declares is the First Vamana Avatara.

Vishnu Attempts Suicide First Vamana Avatar Sage Kasyapa had a wife Dhanu. They had a son named Dundhu. Dundhu was granted the boon of  remaining Deathless by Indra, who was happy with Dundhu’s penance.

Religions which were born yesterday ridicules Hinduism and touts as USP that it does not worship Idols and worship God without Form.


Funny that these religions ended up with worshiping their messiahs, one Hs and His mother’s image and the other so devoted that they would  not allow others to even mention his name without salutation !

In terms of Time scale and antiquity, as compared to Hinduism,they were born yesterday.

Hinduism knows that Reality is Formless.

More aware that Human mind can not contemplate in a vacuum.

So they devised Idol worship .

Please read my posts under Hinduism.

There is a Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu, which has no Idol of Shiva or Linga.

Instead in the sanctum one finds only a pedestal, to which is offered the Pooja.

It is Avudayar Kovil ,Thiruperundurai.

Lord Shiva graces in three postures in the sanctum sanctorum as formless, form-formless as the Kuruntha tree and in form as Manickavasagar.

As the Kurundha tree is praised as Lord, 108 conch Abishek (Sangabishekam) is offered on Mondays of Karthikai month – November-December.

Only a square shape Avudayar-the mount on which the Linga is placed – is in the sanctum sanctorum.

A bowl – Kuvalai in Tamil – is placed on the Avudayar personified as the body and the inner empty space as Athma-soul.

As Lord dwells in all beings being their Athma, He is praised as Lord Athmanathar.

A kind of oil prepared with 108 herbal is used for abishek during all the six time puja – Aarukala puja in Tamil.
Generally, the Arati offered to deities in temples are shown to devotees who touch it and place their hands in eyes.

But the Arati plate in Avudayarkoil Lord is not brought out of the sanctum sanctorum as Lord by Himself is a Jyoti.  Worshipping Lord or the Arati makes no difference.
There are three deepas (lamps) lit in the sanctum sanctum behind the presiding deity in white, red and green as the three eyes of Lord Shiva representing Sun (white), Agni (red) and Moon (green).

As Lord is formless, these three lamps are lit.
A Shiva form in the temple is known as Kudhirai Swami – Horse God.


For Saint Manickavasagar, Lord Shiva brought horses and delivered them to King Arimardhana Pandian.


He also rode on a horse along with other horses.

Hence he is praised as Kuthirai  Swami– Horse Swami wearing horseman dress with a whip in hand.

He is in the Panchakshara Mandap.

There are foxes too under the horses praised as Ashwa Nathar.
Every entrance in the temple has Deepas (lamps) in specific numbers.

The Thiruvasi (a metal frame in upside U shape around Lord Shiva has 27 lamps representing 27 stars, the two nearby the Jeevatma-Paramatma philosophy, 5 representing the five arts, 36 representing many philosophies, 51 letters. 11 mantras and 224 world divisions.

Those facing planetary problems offer ghee for lighting the deepas around the Thiruvasi.

There is no shrine for Navagrahas in the temple but they are in pillars.

While Rahu and Ketu (serpent planets) are in the first pillar, Shukara –Venus, Sani Bhagwan-Saturn, Jupiter-Guru and Sevvai-Mars are in the second pillar.

Sun with His consorts Pradyusha and Usha and Mercury (Budha) are in the third.

Moon is at the fourth pillar.

In the next two pillars nearby are Lord Kalatheeswar and Mother Gangadevi.

There are four Vinayakas in the four corners in the second prakara one of them with Mother Annapoorani facing north.


Steaming Boiled Rice, No salt< Greens without salt.

1000 Stone Pillar Mantap raises musical notes on tapping .

Temple Timings.

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Sri Athmanatha Swami Temple, Avudayarkoil, Pudukkottai district.

+91 4371 233301( cross check the Phone number.

Temple web site.




How To reach.


Shiva Temple without Shiva or Linga Religions which were born yesterday ridicules Hinduism and touts as USP that it does not worship Idols and worship God without Form.

Reality Orders Trimurthis Are Not Brahman Matsya Purana

Reality is the core of Vedas.

That the Reality is non dual is Advaita, qualified non dualism Visishtadvaita and Dualism is Dwaita.

Normally one does not find Brahman given more importance in the Puranas as each Purana extolls the virtues of the God on whose name the Purana is named.

Matsya Purana, Purana meant to extol the Virtues of Vishnu speaks of Brahman ordering and assigning jobs to…

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Is This All There Is

People, after a certain age, tend to change.

Especially those who have crossed 50, more so after 60.

They make it a regimen to go for a Walk religiously every day,start diet restrictions,try to withdraw to themselves and pretend that they are not interested in things which belong to Youth.


Life dies not happen in compartments.

It is a flow in alignment with the individual’s…

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The Corporate Mantra is Profit, not people.

Man is secondary, humanitarianism takes a second seat to Business.

There is this oft-repeated saying in the business circles,

‘Choose either Business or Righteousness’

It is implied that one can be dishonest in Business.

And Businesses ae often so.

To scratch their guilty conscience, they now have something called as ‘Social responsibility, where they spend a few Dimes, which is Tax Free of course, to engage in highly publicized social service like planting Trees, spare .0001 of their profits for charity( at the same time they inform you through advertisements that they are helping people because of your purchase, thereby increasing their Business volume).

To me anything, especially business with out Ethics is Criminal.

Have they stopped at this?

In chasing a few dollars, they deliberately harm the society and the individuals.

Have a look at these Corporate Companies.


Coca Cola corporation has wrought devastation in India, where its factories use up to one million liters of water per day, leaving tens of thousands of nearby residents dry during the drought months. Then the factories dispose of the wastewater improperly, contaminating whatever water is left.  A lawsuit in 2001 accused Coca Cola of hiring paramilitaries in Columbia which suppressed unionization in the cola plant there through intimidation, torture and murder


Pfizer decided to use Nigerian children as guinea pigs. In 1996, Pfizer traveled to Kano, Nigeria to try out an experimental antibiotic on third-world diseases such as measles, cholera, and bacterial meningitis. They gave trovafloxacin to approximately 200 children. Dozens of them died in the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformities. According to the EPA, Pfizer can also proudly claim to be among the top ten companies in America causing the most air pollution.


The Political Economy Research Institute ranks ExxonMobil sixth among corporations emitting airborne pollutants in the United States. ExxonMobil counters not by cleaning up its act, but by funding scientific studies  which refute global warming. ExxonMobil was targeted by human rights activists in 2001 when a lawsuit alleged that ExxonMobil hired Indonesian military who raped, tortured and murdered while serving as security at their plant in Aceh.

4.Caterpillar sells all kind of tractors, trucks and machinery — including many of the vehicles, ships and submarines used by the U.S. military. Caterpillar also supplies the Israeli army with bulldozers which are used to demolish Palestinian homes — sometimes with the people still inside.


Big Agra makes the list with Monsanto, pushers of genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormones, and poison. Monsanto’s list of evils includes creating the terminator” seed which creates plants which never fruit or flower so that farmers must purchase them anew yearly, lobbying to have “hormone-free” labels removed from the labels of milk and infant milk replacer (through bovine growth hormone is believed to be a cancer-accelerator) as well as a wide range of environmental and human health violations associated with use of Monsanto’s poisons — most notably “Agent Orange.” Between 1965 and 1972, Monsanto illegally dumped thousands of tons of highly toxic waste in UK landfills.


Sticky-sweet image aside, Nestle’s crimes against man and nature include massive deforestation in Borneo — the habitat of the critically endangered orangutan — to grow palm oil, and buying milk from farms illegally-seized by a despot in Zimbabwe. Nestle drew fire from environmentalists for its ridiculous claims that bottled water is “eco-friendly when the exact opposite is true.

7.British Petroleum.
Who can forget 2010’s oil rig explosion in the Gulf Coast which killed 11 workers and thousands of birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals, effectively destroying the fishing and tourism industry in the region? This was not BP’s first crime against nature. In fact, between January 1997 and March 1998, BP was responsible for a whopping 104 oil spills.


This privatized military company is often hired by the U.S. government to protect American interests overseas — and so the government can claim no responsibility for Dyncorp’s actions.  Dyncorp is best known for its brutality in impoverished countries, for trafficking in child sex slaves, for slaughtering civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan


a huge “oilfield services” company, profited big time from the U.S.’s invasion of Iraq when Cheney called in his boys to quell burning oil wells — and to “help” the Iraq oil ministry pump and distribute oil. Haliburton has also been implicated in countless oil spills, including the BP disaster of 2010.


Chevron (then Texaco) discharged 18 billion gallons of toxic water into the rain forests of Ecuador without any remediation, destroying the livelihoods of local farmers and sickening indigenous populations. Chevron has also done plenty of polluting right here in the U.S.: In 1998, Richmond, California sued Chevron for illegally bypassing waste water treatments and contaminating local water supplies, ditto in New Hampshire in 2003. Chevron was responsible for the death of several Nigerians who protested the company’s polluting, exploiting presence in the Nigerian Delta. Chevron paid the local militia, known for its human rights abuses, to squash the protests, and even supplied them with choppers and boats. The military opened fire on the protesters, then burned their villages to the ground.

Source .


Ten Criminal Companies,Social Menace The Corporate Mantra is Profit, not people. Man is secondary, humanitarianism takes a second seat to Business.

Lord Rama went to Sri Lanka and brought back Sita, after killing Ravana, who had kidnapped Sita.


Hanuman was sent earlier by Rama to search for Sita and He located Sita in Sri Lanka.

‘Based on this information Rama proceeded to Sri Lanka.

Lord Rama , with the help of the Vanaras, built a Bridge between Rameswaram   and Sri Lanka and it is called the Adams’ bridge.

This is where I get sidetracked.Ramaeswaram.

Adams Bridge is 18 miles long.

The bridge is 18 miles (30 km) long and separates the Gulf of Mannar (southwest) from the Palk Strait (northeast)-wiki.

Valmiki mentions that Hanuman  flew100 Yojanas across the sea from Rameshwaram to Lanka,

One Yojana is approximately 8 miles,

Hanuman flew 8oo miles from Rameshwaram to reach Lanka.

But the bridge is only  18 Miles!

“Sri Lanka is an island nation-state in the Indian Ocean. It is located 880 kilometers (547 miles) north of the equator, off the southern tip of India, and has a maximum length of 432 kilometers (268 miles) and a maximum width of 224 kilometers (139 miles).”

The southern tip of Sri Lanka is 565 Miles(547+18) from Rameswaram.

Assuming that the farthest place was where Ravana’s capital was located, there is still a shortfall of 235 miles.(800-18=782-547=235)

Only possible explanation  is that these 235 miles could have been of shallow water and Hanuman flew over this as well.

Asokavatika, Nuwara Eliya, where Sita was imprisoned is 189.03 miles, and 164.16 nautical miles from Rameswaram.

Rma Sethu 18 Miles Hanuman Flew 800 Miles Lord Rama went to Sri Lanka and brought back Sita, after killing Ravana, who had kidnapped Sita.

Infants upto the age of five years suffer from a lot of unspecified infections, diseases,disorders and many die.

Most of the medicines prescribed for Infants are only supportive in nature and a cure.


And modern Medicine has a name if the reason for the disease is not known.


The medicine that is prescribed for Allergies are some times allergic themselves!..

When I was young I used to fall sick frequently and medicines were of no avail.

I heard from my parents that they used to perform Ayush Homa, on the day of my birth star , till my fifth year.

I have been cured of the frequent diseases, my parents used to say.

As an aside, Hindus do not celebrate Birth days,possibly because one year gone is that much nearer to death!

However Sastras say that Ayush Homa is to be performed for the child till it completes five years.

This is prevent Infant Mortality  and to ward of infections and unknown diseases.

There is also Balarishta.

Balarishta is the Sanskrit word that means infant mortality, but astrologically it actually indicates a Dosha, a misfortune more in terms of ill-health during infancy and childhood than of any other kind of adversity that can strike a person at that age. Therefore, it is an affliction in the Natal Chart or Query Chart, an ava-yoga (evil yoga), which need not necessarily indicate early death, for death occurs only if the planetary infliction is severe and there are no other yogas indicating a longer term of life counter – acting Balarishta Dosha.[2] In Astrology the most difficult task is the determination of one’s age i.e. span of life, time of death and Balarishta.

Whether one believes in Astrology or not, every one wants the Infant to be healthy and safe from Diseases.

One does not lose anything by performing certain Poojas to ward off this..

Karuka(Cyndon dactylon),அருகம்புல் Homa may be performed at Guruvayoor Krishna temple.

Visit the Link for details.


Infabt Infections Death Balarishta Karuka Homa Infants upto the age of five years suffer from a lot of unspecified infections, diseases,disorders and many die.

Vishnu and Twelve Tectonic Plates Of Earth

While Vishnu was in His Yoga Nidra,two demons emerged from his ears.

(Vishnu does not sleep. It is called Yoganidra, it is Wakefulness born of Yoga.Tamil Language has a beautiful word for this, ‘அறிதுயில்’, which means sleeping while being aware of).

Tectonic plates.svg

Map of 15 Tectonic Plates

The world was enveloped in water.

They started destroying whatever Brahma has created.

Vishnu found it difficult…

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Atharva Veda Medicine Black Magic Text

Of the Four Vedas, the Scriptures of the Hindus,the Ataharva Veda is less known as compared to Rig,Yajur and Sama Vedas.

It is not Athavana Veda as most people pronounce it.

Atharveda is not as large as the Rug Veda.

There are 10552 verses in Rig Veda and around 5987 verses (varies slightly based on recessions) in Atharva Veda.

Thus Atharva Veda is a little more than half the size of Rig…

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Religion Rituals Hinduism Work

I have come across comments like,

‘For reaching God, Self Realization, it is enough if our heart is pure,there is no necessity of the rituals, Poojas, visiting temples’

‘Love for All is the central message of Religions and of Spirituality,if I love all, there is no need for following Religion’

‘Wearing Caste-mark on the forehead, taking bath before Pooja, following strict cumbersome…

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