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Parashu Rama Guru Of Kalki Kalki Family

Many of us ware that Kalki will be Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Kali Yuga.

This is yet to manifest.

Kalki Avatar of Vishnu.Gif

Kalki Avatar of Vishnu.

Kaliyuga lasts for 4,32,000 years.

Kali means ‘strife, Discord,quarrel” or “contention’ .

We are in the 5115 Year of KaliYuga.

Of the four Yugas, in the Satya Yuga Dharama has  Four Legs, Three in the Treta Yuga, Two in Dwapara and one in Kali.

The Four legs of Kali…

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Sidha Kunjika Stotram Equivalent Devi Mahatmiyam

Chandi Mantra, Devi Mahatmiyam is a powerful parayana.

There is Stotra , which is recited at the beginning of Chandi Recitation.

This stotram delivers powerful results which can be obtained by reciting the entire Devi Mahatmiyam.

This was revealed to Parvati by Lord Shiva.

Sidha Kunjika Stotra. , Unidden Song of Perfection.

Shiva Uvacha:-
1.Srunu devi pravakshyami Kunjika stotram uthamam,

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Thigh Bone Human Fingers Reptile Spine In Mars

In what is believed to be a  Thigh Bone in Mars by Curiosity over has kindled the interest  in Alien Life.

This is the image.


Femur in Mars,jpg

Femur in Mars, Image cedit. http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/4g1nnrH8qL0/0.jpg

For keen alien hunters, the image above – taken by the rover’s MastCam on August 14 – is proof that large animals once roamed Mars, possibly even dinosaurs.

“Simply put this shows that there…

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King Sibi Manu Neeedhi Chola Sanatana Dharma

The more one reads Sanskrit Literature,Tamil ,Puranas , Ramayana and Mahabharata, one finds a connection between the Sanatana Dharma and their Dravidian roots.

I have posted a few articles on this subject.

Trincomalee Temple.jpg.

Trincomalee Temple.

Of Lord Rama’s ancestor having lived in the south and migrated to  Ayodhya to establish the Kingdom.

Of a Chera King having participated in the Mahabharata  War,of his…

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Meditation Technics Shiva To Uma Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali lists eight steps to realize the Self.

These steps are followed in the order they are prescribed.

This is called Ashtanga Yoga, the eight limbs of Yoga.

Vigyana Bhairava Tantra.jpg

Vigyana Bhairava Tantra.

Skipping one step and jumping to another, which is what most of the modern Gurus(?) prescribe will not yield results, on the contrary shall produce ill effects, both to body and mind.

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Ganges Vishnu’s Feet Brahma’s Palm Shiva’s Head

One of the reasons why the Ganges is revered in India is the fact that it is sanctified by the feet of Lord Vishnu,palm of Brahma and Head of Shiva.

When Lord Vishnu took the form of Trivikrama during Vamana Avatar, He scaled the Heavens and Brahma washed His feet with His Palm.

Trivikrama, and Shiva with Ganges.

Trivikrama, and Shiva with Ganges. Image source. http://memyinnerthoughts.blogspot.in/2014/06/486-lets-welcome-sout…

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Secret Of Shiva Aksharas Dakshinamurthy Upanishad

There are two kinds of Gurus.

These are embodied in the two Murthis.

One is Lord Krishna who explains everything logically by lengthy discussions.

The other One is quiet, conveys the message by Silence,

Krishna declares in the Bhagavad Gita,

“of Languages I am Silence’

The Brahman is the embodiment of silence and tranquility.

The cessation of the modification of Chitta, is Yoga.

Yoga Dakshinamurthy.jpg


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Sun Bathes Matsya, Fish Avatar Temple

The first Avatar of Lord Vishnu is in the form of a Fish, when He rescued the Vedas, the scriptures of the Hindus from the depths of the ocean.

Thee are only a few temples for the Matsya Moorthy.

One is in Nagalapuram ,Andhra Pradesh and another at Thuvarimaan Agraharam, situated near Madurai in Tamil Nadu

One day of Brahma is called Kalpa.

At the end of the day felt sleepy and yawned.

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Where Vamana Took His First Step Thrikkakara

Vamana or Trivikrama Avatara of Lord Vishnu was the first wholly Human  Avatar and it as the first Avatar in Treta Yuga.

The Chief of the Devas, Indra felt threatened by Mahabali who conquered the three worlds.

Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of a Brahmin midget and requested Mahabali for the grant of land measured by his three feet, when Mahabali conducted a Yaga.

Despite his Guru’s advice…

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Six Vishnu Avatars In South Confirm South Sanatana Dharma

An examination of Lord Vishnu’s Avatars reveal a curious fact.

Dasavatars of Vishnu.jpg.

Dasavatars of Vishnu. Image credit. http://www.exoticindiaart.com/product/paintings/dasavatara-ten-incarnations-of-lord-vishnu-PF79/

  1. Matsya, the fish-avatar who saved Manu – the progenitor of mankind from the great deluge and rescued the Vedic scriptures by killing a demon. Story can be found in the Matsya Purana.
  2. Kurma, the tortoise

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